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My name is Emmor Sperry, I'm the designer of the following board games. The games are designed to bring you and your family & friends hours and days of great entertainment. We have a variety of new and original Strategy, Theme and Family board games, all designed for your FUN! But I will let the games speak for themselves.


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  If you are a Church, School, University, non-profit; if you are a first responder, like a nurse, fire or police department or union, etc. and you would like to make money for Covid-19 related emergencies by selling calendars then you have permission to copy, publish and sell this "Toy'n Around" calendar. Just "click" on Calendar






September 13, 2020

TOY'N AROUND Corporation (TNA), a California based company recently created to manufacture and market exciting new TOYS GAMES and NOVELTIES has acquired the World wide exclusive rights to the intellectual property contained in the pages on this website. THANK YOU (TNA), Emmor Sperry



Date: October 15, 2020


Michael Weinstein- The Superlative marketing person behind "SNUGGIES" The ultra-soft blanket kimono. Has agreed to be the "Chief Marketing Officer" for the Toy'n Around Corporation. Thank You Michael. Emmor Sperry


December 7, 2020.


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