Halloween: TM [Coming Soon!]

Halloween: TM



A family fun game.

People 2 to 6 .

Ages 3 to adult.

Playtime is 30  minutes.



Halloween:tm is played with two-six sided dice, one die is numbered "1 to 6". The other die is lettered "A to F".


Each player receives a token to represent him or her on the playing board. This game contains "6" tokens.


Halloween is played with and contains 6 cards. Each card is divided up into 36 squares. The top squares are labeled "1 to 6" the side squares are labeled "A to F". So each square is described with an address. Example,"A-3" or "E-5". The 6 colors of the cards are "Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, black, Orange." Each card is also labeled at the top with one of the Halloween names. One card is labeled, "Jack-O-Lantern" another card is labeled "Witches" another "Werewolves" another "Vampires" another "Bats & Spiders" and the sixth card is labeled "Ghosts". Each of the 36squares, on each of the 6 cards in the game, contain instructions for the players to follow. The Jack-O-Lantern card is orange.

  Game pieces:

1--playing board,2--six sided dice,6--tokens,1--rules sheet,

6--Color coded labeled cards.



                                                            To start the game:

Place the playing board on the table, the players sit around it. Each player chooses a token to represent him/her on the playing board. Place tokens on the start area( The Jack-O- Lantern  ). Each dot or skull count as one space. Two or more players may occupy the same space on the board by placing the tokens as close to the one dot as possible. The first player roles the numbered die (the lettered die is not used for this procedure) and then moves his token the number of spaces rolled up on the die. The player will be moving along the single track toward the area where the game breaks up into 6 different tracks.  The second player takes his turn and so on. All players must land  on the area that separates up into 6 different tracks (Choose your Costume Card).  The first player landing on the (Choose your Costume Card) immediately receives the labeled, color coded card that corresponds with the track he/she has picked. The other players, in turn, do the same thing. The players then follow the track that they picked; the 6 tracks merge into 3 tracks.  When a player lands directly on a skull, that player must then role BOTH the numbered die and the lettered die. When a player roles both dice, an address roles up. Example "A-3" or "E-5". The player then looks this address up on his/her, Choose your costume card. The square that corresponds to the address the player rolled up on the dice has instructions on it that the player follows. Play then continues to the next player. The tracks eventually intersect at a common area called (Trick or Treat)and a single track exits this area. The players follow this single track to the finish area (Happy Halloween).

How to WIN a game of Halloween:TM.

The first player to land in the finish area (Happy Halloween), by following the rules, wins the game.


Copyright  SGNA  2001.