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U.S.A. Game





This Game is a gift to the people in the United States from the SGNA people in Canada.


The rules and game title is: Paleolithic In America: tm         

A family fun and educational board game

is played by 2 to 6 people.

Ages: 8 years to adult.

Playtime is 30 to 45 minutes.

Prologue :

This game is a ,fast action, board game representing the survival of man in the prehistory of America between 20,000 to 30,000 years ago; the “Pleistocene Era” when the Clovis people inhibited the land. Climate change caused flooding, due to the melting ice age and changed the ecosystems of North America. Animals and man were moving out of areas they had lived in for centuries and into new areas.  Clovis tools were usually made from high quality stone, such as obsidian. The Clovis people and tools get their name from the town Clovis in New Mexico, where the Clovis stone projectile points were first found. Clovis points have a distinctive central flute, along both of its faces and have finely worked edges. The Clovis people were hunter gathers. The Clovis people attached these points to spears to be used by hand or with the help of an atlatl [spear thrower]  and probably hunted animals in groups.  They hunted the mastodon and the mammoth, true horses of North America , Giant Ground Sloths,  bison, American camels, and wild pigs; and the Clovis had to defend themselves from, saber-tooth carnivores, large Dire wolves, Short-Faced Bears and American cave lions. They had to struggle for food, clothing and shelter. The Clovis people also had to defend themselves from other clans and tribes of Clovis people during times of dispute and war.


This game starts out with a tribe of Clovis people moving to a new land area, due to flooding of their home land, and along the way they encounter risks, adventures and dangers. The Clovis people discover a beautiful large Cave in the heart of a  new land “Bone cave in Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau”(Cave Home) and in celebration each member of the tribe picks a new name. The players have the choice of the following names: Bear Alaska, Bighorn Wyoming, Bison Dakota, Sabretooth New York, Mammoth Montana, and Cougar California. Then each member continues on their life path, in the quest for survival in the Pleistocene age. The six tracks converge to a single track at the yellow star. Each member will discover different advantages, risks and dangers from animals and other Clovis hunters, advancing him along the path or retreating him. When a player lands on a RED dot; he/she draws a game card from the top of the pile and then follows the directions.  If the Clovis player manages to survive the path, he will reach (Becoming an Elder) a new future and become an elder of the Clan. The single track then expands into six tracks. A player has to roll a six on the dice to leave, Becoming an Elder.  From here the Clovis player will advance along another path of life, to reach the old age of 35 or 40 years and the Clovis game player also reaches the finish area; that is titled “(Congratulations! You WIN)”.

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The game is played with one-six sided dice, one die is numbered "1 to 6".


Each player receives a token to represent him or her on the playing board. This game contains "6" tokens.

 The name CARDS:

U.S.A. is played with and contains 6 [RED] name cards.

One of the Cards is  Bear Alaska, another Bighorn Wyoming ,another Bison Dakota, Sabretooth New York, Mammoth Montana, and Cougar California. Separate these cards from the deck, before you start the game.

 History & Situation CARDS:

The 58  cards are placed on the game board, face down, in the rectangular spot labeled “Game Cards". Every 4th space on the U.S.A. track is a RED dot . When a player lands on a red dot, the player draws a card and follows the instructions.

Game pieces:.

1-playing board, 1--six sided dice, 6-tokens, 1-rules sheet, 64 Cards. 





 RULES: To start the game:

Place the playing board on the table, the players sit around it. Each player roles the numbered die, the highest number plays first, the second highest plays second and so on. Each player chooses a token to represent him/her on the playing board. Place tokens on the "Start" area. Each “dot” count as one space move. Two or more players may occupy the same space on the board by placing the tokens as close to the one dot as possible. The first player roles the numbered die  and then moves his token the number of spaces rolled up on the die. The player will be moving along the single track toward the area where the game breaks up into 6 different tracks(BONE CAVE).  The second player takes his turn and so on. When a player lands on (Bone Cave); he can not proceed past it until his next turn.  A  player landing on the (Bone Cave) immediately [Picks a new name.]  receives the card  that corresponds with the track and name he/she has picked. The other players, in turn, do the same thing. The players then follow one of the 6 different, tracks that they have chosen. These tracks converge to a single track at the star. Play then continues to the next player. Every 4th space on the tracks is a RED dot. When a player lands on a red dot, the player takes the top card and follows the instructions. The Single track expands to six tracks at a common area called(Becoming an Elder) A player has to roll a six on the dice to leave, Becoming an Elder.  The players follow one of the 6 tracks to the finish area (Congratulations! You Win ).


 How to WIN

The first player to land in the finish area (Congratulations! You WIN!), by following the rules, wins the game.


Paleolithic In America: tm:  ( C )  SGNA  2008

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